Demon Trappers: Forsaken

The Demon Trappers: Forsaken - Jana Oliver Riley hunts demons, like her father, in a world where things went wrong when demons started turning up in the world, where life started to be hard to live for ordinary folk and her dad changed from being a history teacher to being a hunter. They barely make the rent, owe a lot because her mother had cancer and the treatment cost a lot and life is just hard for them both. This throws you into the middle of the action from the word go. Riley is determined to be the first female Demon Trapper and having grown up with it is largely unfazed by it all, what does faze her is the fact that the demons know her, and they're hunting her. It's a world that's almost ours and close enough and yet far enough to be interesting, there were moments when I wanted more information and I'm hoping that it will come with time and the series.