Suite 606

Suite 606 - J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas Four seperate stories linked by Suite 606. The first story is Ritual in Death by J D Robb. I love Eve as a character and her minor rant about high heels just made me giggle. It's refreshing to have a female character as centre of a story who isn't quite as obsessed by shoes and clothes. When the party she's at is disturbed by a ritualistic murder Eve has to investigate. Mary Blaney investigates a ghost, a magic coin and how two people have to get over a misunderstanding in order to find true love. The ghost was the husband, and his lies keep him on the earth. Love Endures wasn't a bad read. Ruth Ryan Langan with Cold Case has a man finding himself lost in Vermont and finding a future for himself. The story is a little predictable but not a bad version of the tale. Mary Kay McComas in Wayward Wizard has a mother and son lost in history, she also has to work out her relationship with her son while a wizard tries to return them to their time. Overall the first story was my favourite. Interesting and well written, the other three weren't exceptional but on the other hand they weren't bad either. I enjoyed the read.