Lost & Found

Lost & Found - Jacqueline Sheehan At the beginning of this story Rosanne Pellegino loses her husband. Then she runs away from her life as it was and finds a new life on Peaks Island off the coast of Maine. There she works as an animal warden, a world away from her career as a psychologist. She tries to keep herself away from people and contact with others but finds that some people are hard to keep away and that there's a big dog determined to give her companionship. I really did like this story, though the resolution of the minor mystery was a little rushed. A minor quibble with the cover, the events of the book cover about a year, and early on in the story the main character hacks off her hair (roughly) while the picture on the rear of the edition I have has a woman with a pony tail. It usually takes longer to grow a ponytail! Minor quibble out of the way, the story is quite interesting and I enjoyed the read. I would look for more by this author.