The Gone-Away World

The Gone Away World - Nick Harkaway This book led me down paths of assumption and then told me I was wrong, oh so wrong about my assumptions. The narrator tells us a story of his childhood with Gonzo Lubitsch, a childhood that had a number of twists and turns that ends with him in the Army doing covert work, an end that has the world change due to a weapon whose side effects weren't explored before launching it into the world, where there's a pipe that delivers normality. This normality is both treasured and wondered about. The strangeness brings about changes in many people, changes that force questions about the nature of humanity. This story is at times funny, at times gross, and at times thought provoking. I enjoyed it immensely, it had passages that I really had to read out loud to someone else (seriously the tent peg episode cracked me up). It's a story that is both clever and funny and I enjoyed the read. Damn you Harkaway for the tired mornings I had in order to keep reading and finding out what was going on.