Shadow Warrior (Intrigue)

Shadow Warrior - Linda Conrad Michael Ayze is fighting a group of evil shape-shifters on his land when his life is complicated by the appearance of his brother's widow. Ever since her wedding he has been attracted to her and now he finds himself torn. By tribal custom they should marry, but this complicates his life. Lexie is conflicted, she too was attracted to this man when she first saw him but it all seems too clinical. She wants her son to grow up knowing his Navajo heritage but what does she have to sacrafice for this. Actually that's the only problem I had with this book, while Lexie makes some token protests, there's no real feeling of losing anything here. There's little culture shock after her first few moments. The adventure is interesting and kept my attention but there are parts that just didn't quite sit right. The shape-shifters seemed to be a little too easy to overcome, the story seemed to be torn between the romance and the adventure, eventually being good at neither but a tolerable read overall.