The Julius House (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Book 4)

The Julius House - Charlaine Harris Slight spoilers ahead for some of the previous books but nothing you wouldn't see on the back cover of the edition I've read. Aurora is busy planning her wedding to Martin Bartell, still trying to find out what the secrets he's keeping are. She finds the perfect gift for their wedding for Martin and he buys her the Julius House. Six years ago (and a few months) the whole family disappeared one day and Roe is curious, so she begins digging into the story. Martin installs a couple, who also have secrets into the garage apartment. Roe needs something to do and being a housewife is never going to satisfy her. She likes mysteries so they're always going to attract her. I can see her continue in this vein for a long time! Not a bad read, but the mystery was about a third of the book while the wedding and Martin's past were most of the rest. Interesting but only as part of the series.