Dagger-Star (Epic of Palins, Book 1)

Dagger-Star - Elizabeth Vaughan I actually quite enjoyed this story. Red Gloves is her only name, she's a mercenary and along with her sword sister Bethral. Bethral is the silent type, the backbone of the two. They've crossed a marsh and found themselves in a large barn. The man there sees a birthmark she has and declares that she's the saviour of this country from an oppressive ruler. The lands they're on were blighted by a war with this man. This all leads to a lot of adventures and some great fun, as well as some sex. Along the way they meet characters and fight evil, finding a path and some truths. Red Gloves is a complex, involved character, with issues and who grows over the course of the book and entertainingly regularly rescues the man, and/or is the action hero while he waits in the background. The story is pretty complete as it is but thankfully has a sequel. You can see some other plot possibilities left open but the arc within the book is resolved. I didn't like Warprize as much as I like this one, I was almost reluctant to read it because I was unsure about how I would find it, glad I did.