Quicksilver Rising (Quicksilver Trilogy 1)

Quicksilver Rising (Quicksilver Trilogy) - Stan Nicholls Quite a different take on magic where basically magic is the technology in the world. Reeth Caldason is the last remaining member of a tribe of warriors who were brutally massacred decades ago, he's cursed with fits of blind rage and apparently almost indestructable, and aging very slowly. He wants rid of the spell and this brings him in contact with some very different people, and a resistance who are trying to free their country. There are wheels within wheels and some very complicated politics. The use of magic was interesting, it is treated as technology and used almost as trivially as we would use technology. Magic power varies and the wealthy can afford more than poorer people (there is an amusing aside once with volunteers handing out minor charms to the poor). However the wheels are almost too complicated and you really don't get involved enough in any one character to really connect. Well I didn't anyway. Interesting and I'm looking forward to the followup.