Tower Of The King's Daughter (Outremer, Book 1)

TOWER OF THE KING'S DAUGHTER (The First Book of Outremer. ) - Chaz Brenchley This starts off quite slowly but it builds into a very interesting story of a group of people in a world something like ours where magic is a reality and is set in something that resembles the Middle East during a period not unlike the crusades. Marron is a young man who is trying to come to terms with the terrible things he has done in the name of his religion and trying to find a way to make a role for himself in the brotherhood, the Society of Ransom. As a lowly soldier he has done things he would rather forget. Julianne is the daughter of the King's Shadow, in the Roq de Rancon, en route to her marriage. Along the way she was joined by Elessi, a woman who has some secrets. Joined by others they have to face up to legend and strangeness and try to come out the other side alive. There were times when it felt like a quest novel where the author was trying to get the various people in a role-playing group together but in the end it turned very interesting and the characters became quite likeable. I look forward to the sequels.