Seeing Redd: The Looking Glass Wars

Seeing Redd  - Frank Beddor Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate this second installment in the Looking Glass Wars but I didn't find it as enthralling as many others did. It didn't make me want to find a sequel, but I don't refuse to read it if I happen on it. However, I didn't really care, the characters are so over the top, so silly sometimes that I really wanted to have a chat with the author about editing. Yes Redd Heart is an evil woman, but a lot of evil people don't go around proclaiming it, they just get down to it. I suppose that's what annoyed me most, there wasn't enough shown and a lot told about what was going on and by the end of it I didn't care who lived or died. It regularly came across that the author was really trying too hard, and the effort could be seen through the story. Read the Lewis Carroll story. Write your own fanfic.