Nightrise (Power of Five book 3)

Nightrise (The Power of Five, #3) - Anthony Horowitz While the second book lagged a bit this picked up the pace a fair bit. You meet the third and fourth of the five, a pair of twins, Scott and Jamie Tyler, foundlings who can read each other's mind and are currently using it as part of a stage magic show. When Scott is kidnapped, Jamie has to find him, but his path is obscured by the fact that Scott's kidnappers frame him for murder, easing the path to his capture. This series does depened a lot on coincidence and people helping but this story really comes to life when Jamie finds himself in the past, fighting the same evils that are here again. Learning a lot about himself and his role in the world. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series, it does show a lot of potential and the characters are quite interesting. It does seem to be somehow losing pace a little.