Rainbows End

Rainbows End - Vernor Vinge In a world where wearable computers are the norm, where people can overlay virtual worlds on the real and where *sob* books are being scanned and shredded, world-famous poet Robert Gu returns from alzheimer's. He goes back to school and his granddaughter helps him deal with getting up-to-date while Robert deals with the gains and losses of his new life, where he looks like he's young, while still having most of his faculties. There's a lot of virtual reality in this one, and a lot of conspiracies. I did find it interesting but I seem to be drifting further and further from SF for my personal taste, so while this was good it didn't quite catch me. I don't regret reading it, I just didn't get a wow factor from it but then again it might be because of the overhyped status it has in the SF community. Vernor writes about a world that is quite near to our own and you could imagine that a lot of it would be possible. Ironies of ironies with a character that had Alzheimer's and a throwaway comment about Pratchett owning most of Scotland from micro-royalty profits.