Runemarks  - Joanne Harris In a time after Ragnork Maggie Smith lives in a village. With a rune shape in her hand she's an outsider as it's a mark of old magic, a symbol of the old Gods. Referred to as a Ruin Mark and mistrusted for the chaos it could bring. She's been getting training from One Eye, a wandering scholar, and wondering where her life is going to lead. Away from the town could lead her to death from the Examiners, who enforce Order. Staying in the town could also draw down the Order on her head but her choices are limited until she goes inside the mound and finds herself embroiled in Norse God politics and plotting. I found it a fun read, a good story with a lot going on, it kept me reading and kept me interested. I wasn't altogether happy with the ending but it's not a bad ending, and I'm not sure you could have done better. The characters had purpose and you could see them grow throughout the story, and although I wasn't altogether happy with the end it did raise a smile. I would read more in this universe or more of this style by Joanne Harris, it reminded me of "Expecting Someone Taller" and "Who's afraid of Beowulf" by Tom Holt. It has a wry humour without forcing the humour in the story.