Aberwystwyth Mon Amour

Aberystwyth Mon Amour - Malcolm Pryce Although this was a relatively quick read (at a little under 250 books it's quite short compared to a lot I've read recently) it's not really to my taste. It's a story of a slightly alternate Aberystwyth where Wales is independent and has fought in a war. I had recently read about Patagonia and it's relationship with Wales and the Welsh. This is a story about a detective, actually the only detective in Aberystwyth and a case he's brought into by Myfanwy Montez, there are schoolboys dying, the Druid Mafia are implicated and the past and present are coming together to form an interesting whole. It tries hard and it shows, I could see where the author was coming up with 'interesting' and 'unusual' and adding them into the story. It really didn't make me want to search out more in the series, although the mystery itself wasn't too bad.