Into the Wilderness (Wilderness Saga 1)

Into The Wilderness (Wilderness Saga 1) - Sara Donati It could almost be described as fanfic. This is a story of what happens to Hawkeye of Last of the Mohicans' family a few years later. This story centres around his son Nathaniel. Nathaniel has grown up straddling Native and New cultures and finding that he has more in common with native culture. Elizabeth Middleton arrives in the small town of Paradise, her father has induced her to come with a promise of her fulfilling her life-long dream of being a teacher. However her father has other plans for her, a plan to marry her off in order to pay off some debts. Dr Todd is willing to do anything to get this land. But she isn't attracted to Dr Todd, she's attracted to Nathaniel. It's an interesting story and a fun (if heavy, physically) read. The main characters really showed that they cared for each other but still had moments where both sides misunderstood the other. It could have been divided down or edited a bit but it was an interesting read. There were a few jarring moments where I didn't really get a sense of place, or distances. I found myself wanting to read more despite my reservations and I had to force myself to put it down occasionally (while cursing that the busses were running quickly with 80 pages to go!)