City of Fire

City Of Fire  - Robert Ellis Lena Gamble has come a long way from living in a car with her brother. When her parents died they ran away from Child Protective Services and cared for themselves. When her brother David was killed under mysterious circumstances the only family Lena had were the her workmates in the police. She's worked her way to detective and her partner, Hank Novak decides that a case that looks open and shut is a good place for her to start leading a case. But there are subtle things wrong with this case. Things that appear again in another murder. This case is becoming very complicated and there's a race to find the murderer before his attention becomes too focused on Lena. Add to that the fact that her brother's cold case investigation is progressing. And the fact that the reader is introduced to the killer from fairly early on. You have an interesting thriller with a few unexpected twists. It's quite readable, the twists and turns of the investigation are gripping as are the insights into the murderer's head, though there aren't enough ot them really. I was reading avidly up to the end of the story and even then it managed to take me by surprise. While there are graphic descriptions of the murders the story isn't all that gruesome.