Book Lover

Book Lover - Jennifer Kaufman, Karen    Mack Dora's divorcing her husband and having a hard time of it. Instead of trying hard to find a book she's bingeing on books, trying to avoid reality. She has used this as a way of escape since her childhood. When she finds that an attractive man from the bookstore is attracted to her, she starts a relationship with him, but real life isn't like the books. There are pieces of this that shine. I particularly enjoyed the parts that were about her lust for books and her retreat from the real world (me? Do that sort of thing? Well yes). I'm not as literary a reader as the main character and I really doubt that the readers of this book would be either. It was amusing to see all the books name-checked but the footnotes jarred a little. All in all not a bad book but it just didn't do much for me.