The Truth About Love: A Cynster Novel (Cynster Novels)

The Truth About Love (Cynster, #12) - Stephanie Laurens Gerrard Debbington is ruing the day he allowed his sister to exhibit his portrait of his nephews. Since then he's received many requests for his services, none as strange as the one from Lord Tregonning. Tregonning has a garden Gerrard has always wanted to see and paint, his price is a portrait of his daughter, Jacqueline, a portrait that could prove or disprove her innocence. She is accused of murder and rumour has her guilty. It's a fun read, light and fluffy but fun. Gerrard and Jacqueline are great characters and their love for each other is obvious and touching. I guessed most of the plot moments from quite early on but the path is good, a little slow occasionally but good.