The Smoke Thief (The Drakon, Book 1)

The Smoke Thief - Shana Abe Clarissa Rue Hawthorne has been working as a thief, getting into places that appear to be impossible. As a half-drakon who has run away from the Drakon world she's trying hard to survive in a world that doesn't quite understand her but using her abilities has made her obvious to Drakon society and they want to have her controled. They think that she's male so when they find that in fact she's female and quite powerful despite her half-blood status there's the question of who she's going to be married to. Christoff is the Marquess of Langford, head of the Drakons, and when he finds her, attracted to her. It wasn't a bad read, but nothing special and I'm getting sick and tired of alpha males who don't take no as a real answer.