Snake Agent: A Detective Inspector Chen Novel (Detective Inspector Chen Novels)

Snake Agent - Liz Williams I'm still not sure about this one. One of the comments on the cover describe it as "John Constantine meets Chow Yun-Fat" and that's not completely unfair. It's a futuristic world, a world with liquid computers (a wonderful sequence) and franchised cities but also a world where the paranormal is closer than might be comfortable, where Heaven and Hell are a few blood-drops away and the Gods animate their statues in temples. In the middle of this is Detective Inspector Chen, the Singapore Three police department snake agent, the detective in charge of supernatural and mystical investigations. A man hiding a demon wife, and trying to keep on the good side of his patron goddess Quan Yin. He ends up helping a vice officer from Hell to investigate some illegal soul trafficking. Interesting but it somehow lacked something. I'm not completely sure what it was that it lacked. It was almost that the author had a great idea for characters but couldn't work out a great way to get them together. There were things left hanging that may be resolved in the next but might be left for a while and all in all although a good read not a great one although it did show a lot of potential to be a great read.