Where's My Cow? (Discworld Novels)

Where's My Cow? - Terry Pratchett, Melvyn Grant This is to accompany Thud! and in it's own right is a wonderfully funny, almost children's tale as told by Vimes to his child. It starts off as a story about someone who had lost his cow, half way through vimes thinks "why is young Sam's nursery full of farmyard animals anyway? Why are his books full of moo-cows and baa-lambs? He's growing up in a city. He will only seem them on a plate! They go sizzle! "I can think of a more useful book. A book with streets in it, not fields. A book about the place where he'll grow up." And then several staple characters show up. I laughed until I nearly cried. The illustrations are wonderful and quite apt.